1. Early advertising

Since 2006, we've created advertising to sell Legal Documents online. As an intangible product, we've focused on helping people understand the service, and later the benefits of the individual products.

2. Advertising to the financial and legal sectors

The development of campaigns has been key to increasing the user-base of accountants, financial planners and lawyers - introducing new aspects to their understanding of the increasing product-base.

3. Copywriting for cut-through

Over time, we developed a focus on copywriting that's dominated at every touchpoint. Frankly, the product is reasonably dull - so understanding the benefits and being slightly quirky without losing the integrity and intelligence of the audience has come through in the copy aspect.

4. Making a dry task fun

Changing the accounting, financial and even legal sector to using an online service meant not offending their old relationships with bricks-and-mortar lawyers.

We've marketed the Cleardocs service as an efficiency that can actually make your life better to great success.

5. Thomson Reuters acquired

In 2011, global publishing company Thomson Reuters acquired Cleardocs. We've slowly moved the branding and advertising to fit the TR global focus, while retaining the Cleardocs unique voice.

6. Variety of styles

Some of the variety of styles that have come out over the years through banners.

7. Variety of applications

Over 10 years, Kindleman has worked closely with Cleardocs to maintain consistency and progress in the brand.

  • marketing strategy,
  • product development¬†
  • 2 versions of the substantial website (not current),
  • 100's of email templates,
  • constant UX improvements,
  • technical application such as product walk-throughs,
  • animations and demonstrations,
  • landing pages,
  • front-end development
  • iconography,
  • 100's of web banners,
  • conference stalls,
  • brochures,
  • product logo development
Lisa Galbraith
- General Manager - Cleardocs

We're not only a web agency

Kindleman works with any company who has the web as an integral part of it's overall strategy (and who doesn't these days?). Branding, strategies for marketing, design, copywriting are all part of the full-service offering.

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