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Have you ever wondered if your website is performing?

With so many aspects to even the simplest website, it's difficult to know if your website or application is secure, usable, useful and working. 

Our Free Website Review is a personalised audit that gives you insights into how well your website is performing, and what you could do to improve that.

Our Audit includes:
  • Website traffic analysis, including a ranking
  • An SEO test which shows how your pages perform in Google searches.
  • A keyword analysis test to find out whether the content on your site matches the search terms people are using to find your products and services (so how easy your website is to find).
  • A website page speed test to see how quickly your website pages load.
  • A summary of actions you can take to improve your website's performance and engagement.

Why our audits work.

Time and again we've seen small improvements equal more users for your website or application. By finding where your website needs work, you can itemise improvements that fit your audience, budgets and timeframes - iteratively gaining wins for your business. Kindleman have over 10years of experience maintaining and improving the aspects that make up a website. We work across industries and business sizes, because we understand web technologies and methodologies that are universal to web design and development.

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Note: this free offer is only available to Australian based businesses. If you're international, please contact us.



Search Engine Optimisation might look like a black art. It's really not though and we can make sense of it for you.  Does your site make sense to Google? Is it optimised for your keywords and what is stopping it placing high up the search rankings?

Our SEO review includes:

  • Keyword Analysis - provide suggestions on how to improve key word usage
  • Search Queries - what are people looking for when they find your site?
  • Search Analytics - analyse your performance on Google Search.
  • Sitemaps - do you have a sitemap? Has it been submitted to Google?

Website Performance

Website Performance

Speed is a vital factor for online success.  We'll save you the statistics, but users hate slow. We will look at your sites overall page speed and report on anything slowing it down including:

  • Image optimisation
  • CSS ordering, size and concatenation
  • Javascript optimisation
  • Page render blocking
  • Document load time




Responsive Test

Your site should work on phones and tablets.  That means it should look ok, be easy to navigate and be quick and responsive. 

In addition, Google has changed their Search Index, they now rank the mobile experience before they rank the desktop, so if your website is not responsive and working across all devices, you are missing out on search rankings.

Let's check that. 

Responsive Test



Usability is defined as the quality of a user's experience when interacting with products or systems, including websites, software, devices, or applications. Usability is about effectiveness, efficiency and the overall user satisfaction. 
We'll look at all the factors that make sites easy or hard to use.
  • Affordance - can you tell how to use it looking at it?
  • Are links obviously links?
  • Is the navigation easy to use
  • Are audience requirements taken into account
  • Are forms easy to use?  Are there labels for each field? Are they tab-able? Do buttons look like clickable buttons? 


Can anyone access you website and get the information they need? Let's check.

  • Screen Reader Compatibility
  • Mobility restricted usability
  • Alt tags for images to aid screen readers
  • Semantic markup and assistive tags
  • Color contrast checks
  • Font sizes and visual impairment considerations
  • Accessible forms



Websites can get very complex with layers of complexity solving all the requirements that come along.  If you have taken over managing a site we can help review what technologies your site has been built with and what each layer does. From front end frameworks to your CMS or eCommerce platform, it's worth taking stock of how the site is built.


There's a lot of vulnerability on the wonderful world wide web. Hacking and other malicious activity focuses in on easy targets on the web to exploit.

We run testing and can help secure your website for malware distribution, phishing, hack attacks, DDOS, and brute force attacks.

With a variety of methods, your small business website, or large enterprise application can be secure so your customers trust their information is in your safe hands.


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