1. Lots of content, reimagined

BAI Communications has been a valued client since 2021 when we took the reigns during the dark days of the covid pandemic.

With 2 years of solid work on the website, and the Australian company separating gffrom the global company, it was time for the website to be rebuilt.

With an extensive database across a wide variety of content-types, the new theme and website was initially pegged to be built on top of the existing database. We quickly saw this wasn't an optimal strategy, and decided to rebuild and transfer the existing content across - a significant undertaking.

As of January 2024, this project is underway and moving towards completion.

2. Content types

We've realigned the content flows for this client, looking at target markets and competitors, and finding better understanding of how they likely will find information. Likewise, BAI Communications had to change their strategy for content creation, and so we've adapted for that new direction while maintaining a lot of the still-relevant context and content. We're using different post types, and taxonomies and some nifty Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields work to deliver the right content to the right users.


That means we’re building websites that will stand the test of time, are scalable, and work across all the modern desktop and mobile browsers. It’s a big deal.