1. Working out what to make

In 2010, TAFE NSW invited us to look at a database of book resources it kept on a computer in the office. They emailed out the DB to bookshops.

We suggested that they could collaborate better and show product online. It was big step, but after we'd worked out some TAFE-specific functionality, we branded and then built out V1 of VetRes.

It's now a very-high sales eCommerce store, selling online to bookshops, students, national and international customers.

2. Functions for institutions

Since 2011, we've developed countless special-case functions specific to internal users.

  • Automated discounted pricing TAFE students and bookshops
  • SAP credit integrations, 
  • Customised reporting features
  • Multi-vendor on-demand printing

3. Design and UX update

We'd made VetRes in 2011, and rebranded it in 2016, and it was looking quite um, 2016. So with TAFE having rolled out a recent vibrant rebrand, but with only a smaller budget for VetRes to fit to that branding, we set about a reskin. Reskinning meant replacing old elements but not re-inventing the whole layout. After some chat, we decided to build out a responsive upgrade too.

  • Design and brand integration
  • Layout neaten up
  • Improve the target conversion areas
  • CSS upgrades
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Responsive using Zurb Foundation grid


eCommerce is often different depending on the business selling. Kindleman has developed some specially situations like multi-vendor, quirky payment solutions, interesting membership systems and selling by weight.
No-one's really cookie-cutter....

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