1. Data visualisation

The Race Guide gives punters more understanding of each horse in a race.

Huge amounts of data needed to be imported on a regular basis in time for the upcoming races, while blogging, horse stats, opinions and maintained history needed to be managed.


  • front end
  • information architecture
  • ruby on rails
  • ux
  • web design

2. Responsive application

Horse form and guides are information that’s needed down at the track or on the move. The website is completely seamless on tablet and mobile phone, meaning the latest info is always in your pocket.

3. Data visualisation

The huge amount of data used by the trained eye of horse racing enthusiasts gave us the opportunity to develop a visual style that aided information at a glance

4. Speed and scalability

We used Ruby on Rails for the application development with Active Admin for rapid development of the backend data management.


We partnered with some horse racing experts for equity in the business. If you have an idea with legs, we can probably share the load to make it happen.

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