1. Pilot to product

Currently on V3, the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) ‘Up2Now’ online application is a studio favourite.

Around 200k NSW school student users can keep a record of any achievement, award or school result that they choose to enter. These records become part of a customisable online resume-style  profile that they can share with prospective employers or universities.

It’s built on the MVC framework – CakePHP. It has a modified Bootstrap frontend, and the extensive number of screens are all responsive for mobile and tablet and desktop.


information architecture
web design


Up2Now is designed with an intuitive interface so tasks are easily completed – meaning it’s more likely to be used with the younger user-base.

The students can choose themes from a library to make their interface suit their personality.


School Co-ordinators and BOSTES have advanced management and data access to get a clear view of participation across the state, giving them valuable insights, while being able to manage every participating student in the state.


The student’s resulting profiles can be individually customised and saved to fit different university applications or job opportunities that might arise.


We're small and nimble, with a solid process, and technical stack. We also have our ducks in a row with insurances and legals, which makes us dependable partner for government departments looking for a team on special projects..

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