Wordpress Management

$200 Set up - $50/Month

Being the worlds most popular CMS. Wordpress attracts different challenges to other CMS's. This package helps you stay ahead of the pack.

Wordpress' strengths are it's plugins and how widely used it is.  It has a very rapid development cycle with releases most months.  Plugins and themes also release regular updates.  Updates sometimes just give new functionality but often they are security releases or bug fixes.  It's vital to keep up with these releases to have a secure, performing Wordpress website.  It can be confusing and stressful.   You can struggle through this yourself or you can outsource all this stress and hassle to the experts. Now you can get on with the core elements of your business that you excel at, safe in the knowledge your site is being looked after. 

Malware and hacker monitor. detect & remove
Install updates as they're released
Minor bug fixes
Uptime monitoring
SEO & suggestions reporting
Monthly backups

We call them packages.

But there's a lot of small aspects to your website that can be coupled together.

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