1. Powerful and elegant

An entrepreneurial duo needed a partner to design and build the minimum viable product (MVP) for a flexible career web application.

  • Business concept to digital strategy
  • UX and visual design
  • Ruby-on-Rails with Active Admin
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Profile matching software integrations

2. Somewhere to start

After Joel and Marko offloaded their ideas, we quickly scoped and planned a Minimum Viable Product - a system to start matching user profiles to jobs.

3. Features and Iteration

With big employers like Commonwealth Bank and Apple coming on board, we needed efficiencies and services. Direct feeds from recruitment software and an employer's marketing platform were among 100's of incremental improvements.

4. Diversification

Alternate revenue streams are important, and so FlexCoach was born - where career coaches can subscribe to sell their services. We built out the functionality as an MVP, using Braintree to take subscription payments.

5. Revise

The iterations continue as the success builds. New brand guidelines, new features and the social media is blowing up! Our tech work has helped Flex to deeply integrate with employer's hiring process. Our design and UX work continues to drive usability and conversions.

Joel McIness
- FlexCareers

Startup partnering

Startups generally need quick start-point design and build that can pivot and iterate as their business innovates. Being small and experienced means Kindleman offer a lean solution that you can rely on as your project evolves

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