1. Rad & Responsive

An online shop with a bespoke, responsive design.  A powerful backend integration with discounting, coupon promotions, custom checkout flows & all the features of a modern eCommerce system.

Kindleman designed, architected & built Carve a new responsive eCommerce and brand website, enabling them to leap forward with their business goals.


front end
web design

2. Brand plus sales

Single-brand eCommerce is different to multi-brand eCommerce in that it requires more areas of focus beyond product – so the brand has depth. That depth is built through alternative content such as video and photos – which Carve produce on with their professional surf, skate, snow and motor-cross team.

Users flock to see the footage, and our job is to sell them a pair of sunglasses at the same time.!!

3. Products

The products feature a 360-view image per product variant, made possible by Lemonstand’s unique grouped products feature. This manages any sub-product as it’s own entity – meaning any aspect such as pricing, imagery, inventory can be set independently of it’s parent product.


eCommerce is the frontline of User Experience. Every click can mean a sale. And with sometimes 1000's of configuration choices, you need to be sure.
We run multi-million-dollar multi-vendor eCommerce websites, down to single brand shops - on a range of platforms.

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