1. The Challenge

Getting a panel of experts to review and provide feedback on egg labels is a key offering for the industry body - Australian Eggs.

Kindleman’s ‘Two Thumbs’ online approval system was used to enable egg producers to ensure they are compliant with the Egg Labelling Guidelines. The business tool allows egg producers to upload labels for review. The ELIP administrator then creates a project and sets up a round of questions to be sent to panelists to review and respond. The responses are then compiled into a report and sent back to the egg producer.

Kindleman built the first ‘Two Thumbs’ tool for the Egg Label Integrity Panel (ELIP) in 2011. After 9 years, the first generation Two Thumbs tool, built on Cake PHP, was ready to be expanded. A new improved Two Thumbs system has been developed from the ground up by Kindleman, using the experts-choice Ruby on Rails framework. The system looks sharper and runs faster, eliminating hurdles and improving the process through rounds of producer submission, through panelist review, to approval - a win for all levels of users.


2. Solution

We built ELIP as a  RubyOnRails web application with a custom designed front end based on the bootstrap css library.  It allows admin users to add and edit content and configure approvals questionairs.  Approvals panelists are assigned labels to evaluate and once they have completed the task the system builds reports.  Communications are handled through integrated email alerts. 





3. Services

We designed it, built the front end, built the back end and deployed the app from start to finish. If you need something similar, please get in touch!

    System Analysis & Design
    User Experience Design
    Web Design
    HTML5 & CSS
    Ruby on Rails Build

Lorraine Mills
Office & Stakeholder Coordinator
- Australian Eggs


That means we’re building websites that will stand the test of time, are scalable, and work across all the modern desktop and mobile browsers. It’s a big deal.