1. Engagement

The Ethics Centre was finding it difficult to increase the already impressive audiences. Continuing the conversation outside the live event while facilitating online ticketing meant more people committed while they were engaged. WIN. 


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Front End & UX
  • Information architecture
  • Silverstripe CMS and Build

2. Conversations continued

An IQ2 audience is engaged. They’re intelligent and sophisticated and want to have their say. Users can vote in current and past debates, meaning IQ2 is collecting valuable research data on the topics of the day. Each debate also has it’s own comment stream (which gets heated at times), and can be moderated.

3. Fast results

The results of the live debate are posted online within minutes of the debate being completed.

4. Archive

As with TEDtalks, the debates are vibrant and usually filmed.  The website has become an archive of this content and attracts those with a hunger for the issues of our time.

“I have just found your website and spent all day watching different debates. I have a disability which makes me housebound so finding your site has been the absolute highlight of the year for me. I am going to share it with my friends. I am so grateful to you all.”
- Website User

Cris Parker
- IQ2 Development Manager


Kindleman support a number of charities and NFPs through low-bono and pro-bono work. We take on projects as normal clients who'll go through our normal process to get a high quality outcome.

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