1. Partnering for productivity

NSW Board of Studies (BOSTES) engaged Kindleman to design and build the front end of a complex web-based tool that allowed teachers to plan all their classes in minute by minute detail.

Working with the project team at BOS, and education software developer Learnosity, we worked out a process to deliver a productivity-focused workspace while fitting in with architectural and business requirements on one end, and technical requirements at the other.

Understanding the the requirements is half the job in some cases,particularly with a variety if stakeholders.


  • front end
  • information architecture
  • responsive
  • ux
  • web design

2. Configurable interface aspects

The interface is very configurable to allow the teacher to adjust to their own style of teaching.

We needed to implement a variety of front end aspects that could be saved on the fly against a user’s account, such as drag-and-drop layout editors and colour pickers.

3. User Experience

Some complex UX came out of complex application rules, such as time availability and term lengths, validated on the fly, and then options on how to handle those situations.

Using subtlety to weight elements to encourage action in a minimal interface can be challenging.

4. Flexibility

All the content is held within the NSW Syllabuses and accessed through an API.

For the front end, this means considering content can take any form, and so any situation where the content could break the layout had to be considered.

5. Function-specific icons

We extended an icon set to cater for specific functionality.

Ivy H - UX and Project Manager
- NSW Board of Studies - BOSTES

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