1. Puctto App

PUCTTO is a tech start-up created to allow shoppers to 'virtually' try fashion.  Shoppers upload their own photo and style their looks and visually try on the latest clothes and accessories.

In an ecommerce store shoppers tap the TRY ON button to open PUCTTO Virtual Change Room.

PUCTTO was founded by two creative, professional and passionate female founders – Belinda Scott and Crystal McGregor. 

What Puctto needed was some heavy duty technical expertise to take the app from a prototype to a fully functioning web application and navigate the Shopify requirements to get it into the Shopify App Store.



2. Puctto Dash

The PUCTTO Dash provides retailers with in-depth information about how shoppers interact with their products.  What they like, what they try on and what they share with friends.


3. Puctto Poses

The differentiating factor with the PUCTTO virtual change room is that it allows shoppers to upload a photo of themselves.  They can actually see themselves in the outfit.  No more guess work about what goes with what.

Retailers can upload their own designed and branded default poses to help shoppers visualise their products.

4. Puctto Share Screen

Everyone wants a second opinion. With PUCTTO shoppers can create outfits, see the outfit on a photo of themselves and then share with friends for valuable feedback and opinions.

5. Puctto Shopify Installer

For one of the world's biggest ecommerce platforms PUCTTO is an easy to install Shopify App. Retailers can search in the app store and click install. A retailer then imports their products and associates etched images so shoppers can start trying on their clothes 'virtually'.

6. Puctto Shopify Dash

The Shopify Dash provides an easy to follow guide to importing and setting up products.


That means we’re building websites that will stand the test of time, are scalable, and work across all the modern desktop and mobile browsers. It’s a big deal.