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Responsive ecommerce websites

Selling online opens up a whole world of opportunity.  You want a good looking, on-brand website that is accessible from any device, is easy to use and manage and converts visitors to shoppers.  

That's the "eCommerce Site package."

Getting going with online sales can be daunting. Digital strategy, Design, UX, Payment gateway choices, security, SEO, website platforms and systems choices.  It's a lot. Kindleman have built many successful ecommerce sites over the years and have learned a lot along the way.  We want to share that knowledge and expertise with you so you can succeed online.  

What is Included?

  • Business-to-web evaluation session
  • Website planning
  • Site theme customisation to match your brand
  • Responsive Web design so your site works on desktop, phones and tablets
  • Integration with Stripe or Braintree payments (the best payment gateways available)
  • Search engine and security ready
  • First 10 products entered
  • 5 supporting pages (about etc) added and formatted.
  • 1hr Training session
  • incl. 1yr hosting, code management,  backups & uptime monitoring
  • 1 month support.

ecommerce checkout example

Technical details

We build our eCommerce sites on a range of platforms including Shopify, Silverstripe, WooCommerce and xCart to match your requirements.  

Where to from here? 

We specialise in nurturing our clients from little acorns to great big trees. Once your site is up and running we can help with your digital marketing strategy, SEO and conversion optimisation.  

Related Services

Design & UX

Our digital design expertise enables us to produce designs that look great and provide a ROI through leads, sales & engagement

Strategy & planning

Once size fits all rarely works.  We can offer insight, strategy and solutions so your site fits your needs.  

Site Support

Our team can offer support and training to help you maximise your site's potential.  

Rapid development 

We have an efficient process that aims to move your project through from gathering requirements, building understanding, design, development and launch. 


We can integrate your site with any 3rd party service from email marketing systems, CRM software and warehouse management.  


Prices start at $7000 for an eCommerce site on a great platform and our theme-framework.  We can add custom design from $10,000. We can quote for Complex products, 3rd party integrations,  larger product catalogs and any feature or addition you can think of.  






We call them packages.

But there's a lot of small aspects to your website that can be coupled together.

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