So that's it for another year. Work done, final rollout deployed.  Uptime robot is showing twinkling green lights across the board.  It's time to kick back and do something different.... Like catch up on some web design & development reading.  It's a fast paced gig, so we need to keep up. 

First off,  24 Ways ( - the industry's annual binge.  Tuck into some tasty articles. Go large with Preparing to Be Badass Next Year, a guide to useful professional development. Reflect on Information Architecture, from a Front end point of view.  Ponder the convergence of User Experience and accessibility, to help your fellow man. 

24 ways might be the original web calendar, but there are many more.  The ghost of internet futures can be glimpsed in this festive article:  SKYNET AND YOU; UNDERSTANDING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.  There are 11 other yearly articles to enjoy on 12 devs of Christmas. 

If you have had too much cherry to cope with code, perhaps a UX article or 24 would suit?  Merry UXmas if thats the case - try The World that UX is Helping Create.

Eyeballs fried from a long year of pixel pushing and code hacking?  Ask santa for some actual books.  Retro!  I'm hoping (hint hint)  for a copy of Brad's Atomic Design.  If you are using sketch for web design (if not, why not!?!) then Smashing Magazine have a great book, as always.

Happy Holidays!