Silverstripe  CMS is our favourite Content Management System for more complicated websites that need a more robust platform. It is very well designed from the ground up to provide a suitable basis for complex, functional sites with requirements for permissions based workflows and custom functionality. It has a great technical architecture and a user focused approach.

"SilverStripe CMS takes the bottlenecks out of updating content on our website."

A focus on Usability

The administration interface had an overhaul in 2012 and is one of the best, most usable CMS interfaces available. It has many advanced features that make administering large sites pleasant and efficient such as broken link reporting, advanced document management and granular permissions.    Other competing platforms are often developed by teams of programmers and not enough attention is given to the human side of software.  This leads to headaches when administering websites, leading to more support calls and costs.

Silverstripe turns this around with a user-centric design allowing users to focus on their website.

silverstripe3 cms interface 

For nerds too

That's not to say that developers are neglected.  The creators of Silverstripe took inspiration from our beloved Ruby on Rails and developed the system with a rock solid MVC architecture which helps enforce good coding practices.  Features like automatic schema creation from the code even impressed our Creative Director!

Advanced functionality with Extensions.

Extending Silverstripe functionality is very easy thanks to its mature architecture and modular design.  There are some great extensions available that can be relied upon.  Most modules come with a decent test suite ensuring reliability and the standard of development within the community has always been much higher than competing open-source platforms. Commonly used modules include CMS workflow, Form Builder, Forums, Blog and Video embedding (made by your truly). In short, Silverstripe modules cover the common needs for content managed sites.

A bright future

For these reasons Silverstripe is being widely adopted by governments and large organisations including many local authorities, government agencies and Air New Zealand.  Growing adoption has seen the community grow with  meetup groups & podcasts and  Silverstripe has picked up many awards over the years

The right Content Management System

Kindleman has been recommending Silverstripe since 2010 for many of our web projects.  It isn't right for every job but when a site falls in to its sweet spot we think it is unbeatable in the open source arena.  That sweet spot is really larger content focused sites with complex requirements like document management or workflow. Sites for larger organisations, Government websites and non-profits are often ideal candidates to be built on Silverstripe. If your next project falls into those categories, we can help.