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New work for Smarties...

November 04, 2010 by admin

We are excited to launch the new promo site for Smarties, yummmy! check it > http://www.smarties-australia.com.au Read More

We welcome Net Registry...

October 20, 2010 by admin

We are excited to announce that the Kindleman team have been engaged to help Net Registry bring a new brand to life. The campaign ideas have begun to flow so keep your eyes peeled for the new offering! Read More

We welcome Landcare Queensland...

August 16, 2010 by admin

You all know how we like to get out there with our clients and enjoy their business, well with Landcare Queensland we have done exactly that! To keep costs down some of us have been featuring in the TVC's that have been shot up in Queensland. The viral campaign has... Read More

We welcome Uncle Toby's...

August 16, 2010 by admin

Well cereal is our most favourite food! Kindleman have been engaged to design and build the new Uncle Toby's website along with the Smarties, Swimming and Milo mini sites, wow! Look out for the new designs featuring all that WordPress can offer... Thanks guys and gals for choosing Kindleman! Read More

Wear it with pride...

August 04, 2010 by admin

[caption id="attachment_516" align="alignnone" width="309" caption="Wear it with pride design"]Wear it with pride design[/assets/Uploads/2010/08/imageShirtPicture-13-1277098196.gif][/caption] Very excited to announce that one of my designs has been chosen to feature in the wear it with pride[http://www.wearitwithpride.com.au/t-shirts/13-of-85/] campaign. Please support this worthy cause... Thanks guys Read More

Backpackers Buddy wins Business awards...

July 07, 2010 by admin

We are proud to announce that our long standing client Backpackers Buddy won the Outstanding Tourism Award at the Local Business Awards Ceremony last night. Its been a fun journey helping them get back on their feet and we look forward to helping them grow into the future. Well done... Read More

How much can you handle?

June 01, 2010 by admin

Every 18 months for the last decade, the world has doubled the data it pushes to you. Twice as much email, twice as many friend requests, twice as many sites to check, twice as many devices. When does your mind lose the ability to keep up? Then what happens? Is... Read More

Breathing, the basics…

May 17, 2010 by admin

Breathing, hmmm, it is one of those things that we do all day and all night long, or suffer the consequences. How do I ensure that I do it even when I am so busy that my breathing becomes more shallow, less important and almost an inconvenience? Think about it.... Read More

More or less...

May 07, 2010 by admin

I read a very interesting chapter in John Maeda's book 'Simplicity' today, it spoke about how in some cases, a certain kind of more is always better than less–more care, more love, and more meaningful actions. In the design world that I live in, I work to the mantra that... Read More

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