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We welcome AECL...

April 09, 2010 by admin

Eggcellent! pardon the pun but we are happy to announce that we have been asked to design the logo for the Australian Egg Corporations quality assurance program. A mark that will be used across Australia on all compliant eggs! Thanks Yelli and James for choosing Kindleman! Read More

We welcome Browne & Co...

April 09, 2010 by admin

We are excited to announce that we have been asked to help re-brand Browne & Co, the fab accountants and business development guys. Along with a new logo, we will be helping communicate their message with updated collateral, advertising and website. Thanks Phil and Anna for choosing us. Read More

We welcome TPP Internet...

March 23, 2010 by admin

We are very excited to be working with the great team at TPP Internet, they have invited us to help with a re-brand and re-communication of their key business offerings. After a fun photoshoot with their whole team & Big Dave Hunt, we now have an asset library that we... Read More

We welcome Clime...

March 23, 2010 by admin

We would like to welcome Rebecca at Clime Asset Management, we have been invited to help re-brand Stockval and move it into a slightly different realm utilising website, social media and printed communication channels. Exciting! Read More

We welcome the Department of Education...

February 11, 2010 by admin

We are proud to be working with the DET team on the look and feel of their intranet, internet and related online portals. The team includes some fantastic minds which makes our job even more exciting as we get to learn loads along the way. Thanks Julian for choosing... Read More

Brands are earned, not bought...

September 09, 2009 by admin

It’s easy to buy a business name, but you need to create a brand. You need to live it and grow with it, its the pinnacle of your communication, the thing that clients recognise and remember. I often picture the brands that I design on the tops of buildings, made... Read More

Match your interest with passion...

August 14, 2009 by admin

[caption id="attachment_409" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The unclass model"]The unclass model[/assets/Uploads/2009/08/unclasses.jpg][/caption] 'Ever wish you had the choice to get up off the couch and spend the afternoon learning to rock climb, cook, or maybe juggle? Well, we have and that's why we came up with (un)classes. (un)classes are premised on the belief that... Read More

Backpackers Buddy launches new branding

May 19, 2009 by admin

[caption id="attachment_369" align="alignnone" width="214" caption="Backpackers Buddy logo"]Backpackers Buddy logo[/assets/Uploads/2009/05/bbuddy_logo_rgb_yellowbox.jpg][/caption] We have been working alongside the guys behind Super Return for over 5 years now, so we were delighted when they came to us to help them re-brand and re-launch. Apart from brand development and strategy, we helped with all forms of... Read More

Best brands in the world 2009?

February 23, 2009 by admin

Each year brandchannel.com does a huge survey into what brands are surging forward and which could do with some expert tweaking. So, just what does a man in Algeria between the ages of 40 and 45 feel about the McDonald's brand? Or what does a woman in the Philippines between the... Read More

We welcome NSW National Parks & Wildlife...

February 20, 2009 by admin

We were recently asked to help breath life into the Interpreting Australia newsletter, after a few discussions with various contributers and of course the editor we suggested thinking of the communication piece as more of a magazine than a newsletter. This simple change inspired all to produce a simple clean... Read More

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