If you've got anything visual that needs more than 1 pair of eyes to sign it off, then you probably need an approvals process in place.

Imagine your company sells beauty products. New products are being released regularly. Formulas get updated. Regulations change. Certifications and marketing changes. And so then does your packaging.

You get the graphic designer to do the packaging artwork, and then you need it signed off by marketing, legals, QA and management. They all want to have their say, but they're not all in the building. And you have a deadline.

Enter TwoThumbs.



Kindleman has been working for a few years perfecting Two Thumbs. It's an approval process for teams who need to approve just about anything, and is currently used by AECL to approve submitted egg packaging.

In a nutshell, it allows the various 'panelists' to login and see uploaded artwork, check it against a set of criteria with a pass or fail, comment on those criteria, and PASS/FAIL the artwork.

A report goes out electronically, and the artwork is changed and re-submitted as another round for the panelists as a new round.


As a system, it's easy to use and focused. All the parties have distinct logins and features to manage their part of the process easily and efficiently.

Give us a shout and we'll setup a demo.