we welcome... Mirvac

August 11, 2008 by admin

mirvac logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/mirvac_logo.jpg] We would like to say hello to Mirvac Hotels and Resorts and look forward to the brochure work that we will be working on alongside S-Direct. Read More

PO Thinking Clubs discourage thinking

August 01, 2008 by admin

What does that mean I hear you ask? The idea behind De Bono's approach is often to un-think a situation. Defy logic. Subvert the norm. Stop thinking. Today's session used the PO method to provoke alternative views on a subject. De Bono suggests using the phrase PO before a statement to indicate... Read More

we welcome... Tradelink

August 01, 2008 by admin

Tradelink logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/tradelink_logo.jpg] Creative Suite have been asked to develop and produce an interactive DVD and manual for the induction of new staff, so anything you want to know about safety, ask us!!   Read More

we welcome... Nelli & Mo

August 01, 2008 by admin

Nelli and Mo logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/nellimo_logo.jpg] Oohhh we love a good fashion brand project and this one looks like a corker! Thanks to Adele and Jenn and we wish them well in this new venture. Read More

we welcome... NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

August 01, 2008 by admin

National Parks and wildlife logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/nationalparks_logo.jpg] We have been asked to re-design the 10yr old exhibition at Fort Denison in Sydney's harbour, a very exciting project with a very tight deadline! Time to get the sea legs out! Read More

we welcome... G.J. Gardner Homes

August 01, 2008 by admin

GJ Gardner logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/gjgardner_logo.jpg] Creative Suite are the preferred design partner for G.J. Gardner Homes, we welcome another successful year working together and learning from each other. Thanks. Read More

we welcome... Virgin Active

August 01, 2008 by admin

virgin active logo[/assets/Uploads/2008/08/virginactive_logo.jpg] Creative Suite have been asked to help launch the new Virgin Active venture alongside Publicis Mojo, yeah lets work out! Read More

we welcome... the Crest Hotel

July 31, 2008 by admin

[/assets/Uploads/2008/07/crest_logo.gif] The team at creative suite have been asked to help re-brand the various function rooms at the Crest Hotel in Sydney, including the V.I.P Room, the Sports Bar and the Goldfish Bowl. Very exciting! Read More

A beautiful take on a solid design...

June 30, 2008 by admin

This is absolutely beautiful and such a great design concept... BMW presents GINA, a new take on car design, materials, and flexibility. TheGINA replaces the traditional metal/plastic skin with a textile fabric skin that’s pulled taut around a frame of metal and carbon fiber wires. Even the shape of the car can change. Fascinating and... Read More


June 24, 2008 by admin

With the current set of domain name options set to run out by 2011??(huh? - doubt it), this interesting read[http://www.smh.com.au/news/technology/internet-set-for-domain-name-big-bang/2008/06/24/1214073188092.html] says that there's about to be a bit of a shakup. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will vote tomorrow on whether to introduce the ability to setup custom... Read More

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