Dan received 'The Daily Mood' desktop billboard over the silly season. It's kind of cute, and reminds me of a Thinking Club we ran last year, during which we explored how being forced to wear 'mood badges' may affect you and the world around you.

Anyhoo - thought'd it be a hoot to share with you the Daily Mood Swings of Camp Kindleman. I especially like today's as my nickname around here somehow became 'Chip'. Though I've never liked it much, today's explanation puts a positive spin on it.

Today's mood: Chipper
adjective; noun

1 Feeling happy or lively: You can quit pretending to be chipper, everyone knows Terry in accounting dumped you

2 To chirp or twitter; to babble like a simpleminded tv sitcom character (Ed: yes I know, not exactly flattering - but authentic nonetheless)

3 A dangerous machine used to reduce trees to mulch: Didn't he put his wife in the wood chipper? (Ed: I'm going to roll this one when I have to get fierce with unruly clients :) )

Informal: "Chipper" is slang for a person who is capable of doing amazing things, like being able to text message funny one-liners in a meeting without getting caught.

Synonym: Barbie (Ed: since watching Toy Story 3, I'm especially delighted in this one)
Antonym: Tax Auditor (Ed: I think our bookkeepers would tell you, that's right on the money)
Anagram: HP Price
Pig Latin: Ipperchay

Credit to www.fredandfriends.com for their 'The Daily Mood' creation. Design: Carl Mitsch, Fred studio. Concept by Tabitha White