Welcome to 2012 everyone, the auspicious year of the dragon, a year of energy and big change if you follow any kind of Zodiac symbology.

I trust you enjoyed the informative post by Will highlighting 2011's exciting year of learning and then creating the best web experiences for our clients and friends. So what does 2012 hold for Kindleman?

Where should I begin? Well, after a very busy 2011 of constant brainstorming and design creation we are now focusing our positive energy on collaboration, calmness and holistically looking after both our clients and ourselves. Needless to say, our creative cups will be filled often to ensure our ideas are top notch.

Only two weeks in to this new year and we have designed two new shoe brands and are currently getting ready to launch a third that will have an extensive e-commerce platform (look out Zappo's!)

Speaking of e-commerce, the surf brand Carve has landed in America recently, securing Sunny Garcia as Brand Ambassador and we are very proud to be working with their team in creating a sound web experience.

Website Design SydneyArguably, a future highlight for us will be the launch of our own Kindletoys; hand crafted applications and systems that will enable users to work more effectively and efficiently. Look out for Tractor®, Locomotive® and Double Decker® in the coming months. If, like some, you are excited to know more, please drop us a line.


A few projects under wraps from 2011's Christmas tree are getting their final touch-ups in readiness for their imminent national launches. Keep your eyes peeled for the refresh of an established national financial services company into the market with a new name, brand and brand experience. Also in the wings, a fun new insurance brand that aims to raise a smile or two while delivering huge savings. This client's proven in the past, that boldly communicating his business offerings with a simple, clear message and strong idea keeps consumers knocking on your door.

We continue to work with the guys at Uncle Toby's and this year sees us implementing further efficiencies for the web publishing tools, while bringing the website in line with a fresh-faced new Brand.

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Amongst all this we are planning our own website overhaul in quarter 1 to bring it up to speed with all the technology we are absorbing and implementing for our clients, as a great person once said, 'Practice what you preach'. Its going to be a fantastic year and we would like to thank all our families, friends, clients both existing and new for allowing us to follow our passions each day.