Arxxus technology are Australia's premier Saleforce partner. They implement cloud-based software, develop associated apps, and consult of best practice for small, medium and large enterprise. Their website wasn't reflecting the company's high level of service and professionalism, and was lacking a strong user experience (UX), not performing in Google rankings, and needed a refresh to reflect it's new branding.

The evolution of Cloud solution across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS today allows companies to build entire businesses on the Cloud. As companies morph from traditional technologies to newer models, they require an experienced offering and structured set of services to guide the transformation.


[caption id="attachment_1248" align="aligncenter" width="400"]UX design for Arxxus Website strategy and design for Arxxus[/caption]


The website is just about ready to be released to the world. Kindleman collaborated throughout the branding process, and then developed an online content and implementation strategy, a tangible user experience (UX) and visual design that would be responsive, and have touch-capable interaction. Kindleman consulted with Arxxus project management on development and visual choices, while those aspects were being completed by their large offshore development team.

Take a look at the result - it looks great.


There's a lot to be said about collaboration on projects. For this project, we worked with a branding company to begin with, took the reigns for the large middle part, and finished off working with the development and content people as they finished things off. Being able to work with those teams meant that we could focus on what we do best - web design and user experience - while the other teams could bring expertise to the table that weren't our core offerings, or gave ARXXUS the opportunity to develop in-house - saving them outsource costs.

Kindleman are more than happy to collaborate on medium and large-size web jobs, particularly where there's a complex aspect to the UI, UX or development phases.