With the year beginning, and everyone's holiday season blending slowly but surely into the 'time to get going' mode, I'd like to thank the media for giving us all something to worry about.

Yes, we're in a major financial crisis. A big one. But we're all in it together. No-one is really exempt except perhaps the good people who work in health care. We all have to deal with the financial crisis, and it's up to all of us to be confident about the future and confident that we can take 2009 from being a no hope year into a year that we all said 'bugger that, we're going to make the most out of a bleak situation'. That's what it's all about. Every fat cat out there, cutting jobs and trying to make a profit for investors needs to realise that everyone is in it together and by them taking massive cuts in the business, and making the the little guy redundant, they're increasing the risk of everyone having a bad year.

Today I've had 3 people in looking for work. I don't have a heap to give away, even to the girl that comes in already, but I'm going to share it even if I can manage to do it myself.

We're all in this together folks. Kick it in the nads and have a gutsy 2009.