Ingredients (all available at Coles):

2 'Sorj wholeweat' wraps - must be uber-fresh (they have an excellent new fresh bag)
1 Ripe Avocado
4 Spears of Crisp Marinated Asparagus
Coles Deli Moroccan (Chickpea) Salad (there's many reasons why you'd buy the big one - not least the value for money)
6-8 Grape tomatoes (Not cherry tomoatoes)
Big handful of Baby Spinach
Salt and Pepper
Cholula Hot Sauce


Take 1 Sorj, and squash half the avocado along it's equator. Salt and Pepper on the avocado to taste. Go liberal on the Cholula  - it's tasty but not thaaat hot. Moroccan salad should be liberal too. Actually, being liberal applies throughout. 3-4 grape tomatoes, cut vertically in half and distributed evenly. Dan has his theories on asparagus, but I can tell you that 2 spears of asparagus will be the perfect length with a small overlap in the middle. Add half of the spinach, and you're ready for the important bit..... Now, carefully wrap the wrap (nice) as tightly as you can around it's superb filling, making sure that there's a good overlap on the top-side - this is important so you can hold a lunchtime conversation without too much spillage. I personally disagree with the 'bottom-fold-in' where you add a tucked fold to catch anything likely to fall out the bottom. I see it's merit but believe a master of the wrap shouldn't need it, nor want to jeprodise the asparagus situation.

First bite should be as big as possible. Subsequent bites are your own choice - what you feel comfortable with. You ARE allowed to eat the fallen out ingredients if they fall on the plate.

Repeat above up to 2 more times without being considered a pig.

This is a great recipe to share with friends and loved one, but can be a little bit tricky for the kids and those that enjoy their Maccas more than their chickpeas.