When starting a new business you have no business credibility. It’s a zero base, the only way is up. The internet and social media are here to help.

The first place people will look when they see or hear about your business is online. A quick check, in key places, will reassure potential clients that you are a ‘real’ business.

To start building your business authority you need to ensure your social media profile is up and running.

A Business Name

When selecting a business name always be sure to check if the URL is available and that ASIC approve before committing to a name.

Try to remain unemotional, it’s hard to change once you’ve fallen in love with the name only to find someone else owns the URL and wants to sell it for $200,000, or ASIC think it’s too close to a competitor.

Register Domain - URL

Get online and register that domain. Domain registration lasts for 2 years. It must be renewed every two years or someone else get’s your URL.


Domain registration companies are very good at sending your reminders but don’t forget to pay the invoice. It happens more often than you think…hello Microsoft


This is generally the first port of call for potential clients. A professional web presence reassures people that you are a real business and the information on your site starts to build your authority in the field and get you on the search engine radar.

Make sure your website is responsive. That means, looks good and works well on a mobile device. Research now shows mobile devices over-taking desktops for web access. Google is also updating it’s algorithm to account for the mobile first experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key. People might not remember the exact name of your business but for us, all they need to remember is  Web Design and it’s in Manly. That’s enough to find us.

Kindleman web design manly on google maps

We build websites that take care of all the technical aspects of your website's SEO - fast loading sites with good architecture. Contact us and let us get you started right.

The biggest part of SEO is content. More content equals better SEO. Google wants to give users the best content. If you want to move up the ranks your content needs to be better, not just more.

Regular content also makes a difference. Google wants to know your business is a going concern, so stale content falls down the ranks. Google can’t see you actively working so if you are not updating your website it doesn’t know you are still working.

Keywords is a common buzzword when talking websites. It’s not rocket science, you need to use the language that your potential clients use. What are the terms your clients are looking for?

A real life example is one client decided to call their Aged Care Respite Centre, a Social Club. It may sound nicer but it is not good SEO. People searching for Social Clubs are not expecting to find a Respite Care Centre and visa versa.

What are the search terms your potential clients are using? Do some research, ask around. What terms do people use to describe your product or service? Include those keywords in your text and, for SEO best practice, use them in the title, URL and first paragraph.

Also image based content doesn’t rank. Don’t add text over images and expect it to rank - it doesn’t. Images with Alt tags add to your rank so if you are adding images, take the time to add Alt tags. Alt tags allow screen readers and visual aids to use your site. Make the Alt tag descriptive, e.g. Person on a bench reading Kindleman’s Start Up Social Media Checklist!

Your website is also a great place to start collecting email addresses for your next marketing venture - an e-newsletter! Make sure to add an enewsletter sign-up form.


Create a Linkedin Company Page for your business. Take some time to craft the page. Add your logo, background image, about us content, location etc. It’s all pretty straight forward and LinkedIn will step you through it. LinkedIn is a highly used business networking tool, not only for job seekers. A Company page gives your company additional cred.

Also ensure your personal profile is up to date. You don’t want your personal profile to show you still working at ABC company. It should say you are now CEO of Your Own Company.


Once the home of selfies and scenery, Instagram is now a business powerhouse with people giving it more weight than Facebook.  Sign up and smile!


Set up a Facebook page for your new business. Let your customers provide feedback on your products and services. Be responsive, always answer questions and queries in a decent amount of time. Remember everyone can see the feedback, good and bad.

Finally you have a social media footprint - well done, you now have an verifiable business.