In January 2018, the 11 countries comprising the Trans-Pacific Partnership reached a mutually beneficial trade agreement. It is expected the agreement will be signed in March in Chile and will historically open up better trading routes for businesses from all the member nations.

For businesses from these member nations - Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam - it means less red-tape and lower costs. We can trade goods and services with significantly less regulation and pay less cross-border trade tariffs - such as customs duties.

For businesses from member nations looking to trade in Australia, it's an important step towards selling to a population that has high levels of expendable wealth.

Australia has high standards of living, and therefore high expectations from goods and services. We already pay high prices for most goods and services, and so have an eye for good value. Goods and services that can be manufactured at lower prices in other countries but that can retain high quality are extremely popular, and command a price level that ensures profit over a long period. Consumer goods that can fit into Australian lifestyle will excel, such as :

  • Outdoor and sports equipment and apparel (think camping, cycling, hiking etc)
  • Electronics and innovation products
  • Furniture and interior decorating
  • High quality toys and games
  • Clothing and shoes
  • And many others

In addition, opportunities in agriculture, manufacture and services exist for TPP members that can appeal in Australia.

With these opportunities come the need to engage Australians. Australia is a modern western democracy with a unique history that has made us successful as a multicultural hub in our region. We're known to be fair and considerate. We're charitable and civil. We're educated and innovative and entrepreneurial. We spend a lot of research and purchasing time on the internet. We happily engage in the global economy, but we have a national pride that encourages us to engage with Australia and Australians if we can.

Taking your business online within the Australian context will be essential to business success. 

We at Kindleman would like to support any opportunities that arise for TPP members. We're interested in partnerships that are strictly commercial and those that offer mutual ongoing partnership opportunities. We specialise in marketing and complex technical services within the online space, which will be essential to appealing to Australians in the way that they are accustomed to.

Our marketing, design and development team offer skills that will help new entrants into the Australian market, and help them thrive in the wealthy and valuable Australian business ecosystem.