I read in the paper this morning about CEO's of failing financial institutions. They take US$90mill bonuses at the end of the year after being paid. And still ask for bailouts from GW Taxpayer.

I read that the Murray is drying up, the glaciers melting.

I read about the Bali bombers being put to death this week, happy with what they've done, the people they've killed. (We're gonna kill them back!!)

Keating shooting his mouth off again. (sometimes I agree)

You gotta ask yourself if, seeing we brought it all on ourselves, we don't deserve exactly what we get.

Greed has gotten into the worlds veins, and it's no longer a deadly sin. It's called success now. 

Now, one of our clients - GJ Gardner Homes - are currently in Kenya for a few months. They're building a much needed orphanage with and for the locals of a small town called Kitale. They're doing this during a greedy global financial meltdown where rich people are going to be bailed out of their greed. While the world is being so greedy and wanting more, they've flown around the world to give some children they hardly know a better future.

You could do something like that.