1 month until Christmas, in case you hadn't noticed all the festive garb festooning streets, malls and your kids' school foyer.

So either you've resigned yourself to the fact that the year is basically over and all work should cease. Or you are pushing maniacally to get 2 months of work done in the next 4 weeks. Neither is particularly helpful to minimising the stress associated with this time of year.

For some reason, particularly here in Australia, we have a huge mental stigma attached to completion around Christmas. Now - perhaps when you consider that a third of the population will be 'on holiday' until the end of February, there's some credence to this anxiety - but it's not worth falling apart over. Remember, that 30% are either students or pensioners. Lucky them. The rest of us will be back at work come mid-January and work can continue as usual, for the next relentless 344 days of the year.

So whether you're abandoning post or freaking out let's remember: the world is not due to end on Christmas Day but rather stop and celebrate a community festival. Whether for family, religious or simply social reasons, its good for us to take time out to get together, take stock and refill our cups (if not our stockings) in readiness for the year ahead.

Take the time to enjoy the next few weeks. Finish up what can reasonably be finished in a rather busy-outside-of-work schedule and save the rest 'til January when it's traditionally quieter. Be kind to yourself and to others. That, after all, is the philosophy of the season, right? And when the door shuts on Dec 23, here are our top ten tips for making the most of your space in 'me-time'.

1. Everything outdoor & water related (beach, beach, river, beach)
2. Picasso (go if you haven't been already, Sydney's less crowded than Barcelona)
3. Good friends, Good food, Good wine, Good music
4. Aghhh, forget the planning. If you rinse & repeat steps 1 to 3 you'll get to 10 in no time.

Oh by the way, we are taking our own words to heart. The Kindle Studios will be CLOSED from Dec 23 returning delightfully refreshed on January 9, 2012. If you haven't already booked in work that needs to happen before Christmas the chances of it being done are quite slim but you know us, we rarely say no. As a new-age agency we don't tend to do long lunches, even in December, so we are actually at our desks until we break. If you do desperately need something done, call us. Now.

Otherwise, stay sane. Enjoy the summer. See you in 2012.