The Kindleman code-monkeys have officially made the switch to Coda 2, replacing our old, clunky coding programs for the new, shiny and uniform software.

Coda 2 allows the user to work faster and more efficiently on projects with support for a far broader range of languages and file types. At only $75 (currently on sale from $99), it's a far cheaper alternative to some of the other - less useful - software out there, but in no way does it lack in features.

coda2 shot 768x480

With a gorgeous terminal-inspired interface, live updating and even an iPad version for when you absolutely have to code on the go (Diet Coda retails for $19.99), the people at Panic have very nearly reached perfection.

I could rattle on all day about how Coda 2 is superior to other developer software out there, but the best way to see how right I am is to go and check it out for yourself.

Click here to find out more about Coda 2

Happy Coding!