Woot, new year. What's coming up to look out for and look forward to in the world of Web Making?  

Silverstripe 4 

Well, first off - SilverStripe 4.  Why is that exciting? Because everybody loves new and shiny work tools, right? Silverstripe is the best open source CMS available and is set to push on further with better PHP standards, React JS back end, better interface, updated WYSIWYG... the list goes on and on.  Lets just say there is plenty to get excited about for developers, designers and content managers.  Check out this video for more details:



Cloud Hosting

Yes, ok - not super new.  Kindleman have been hosting in the cloud for a while now but we have recently updated our hosting infrastructure to allow even the smallest sites we manage to be hosted on their own scaleable VPS instance.  The advantages in isolating sites, performance, availability and flexibility are huge.  If you aren't sure your hosting is one of your Website's strengths, get in touch.  we can help with that.  

A Ruby CMS? 

Whilst there are options out there, none of the ruby based CMS are quite in the right spot for prime time use.  That might slowly change next year as some new, brilliant options are sprouting up.  We are keeping an eye on StoryTime , Comfy Mexican Sofa (yes, they really called it that) and especially - PushType. Ruby as a language along with the culture, ecosphere of Gem's and of course rails  is just too strong to not have a full on CMS available.  

Hybrid App Development

The gap in performance between Native and Hybrid has closed, especially for phone apps that aren't highly graphical (ie, not games).  Meanwhile the time to develop, complexity and maintenance advantages are still there.  2017 could well be the year Hybrid makes a comeback.  We are working with the Ionic framework to develop new in house capabilities in this area.  Check out Smashing magazines take on this area.

What Else?

What are you looking forward to in 2017? Advances in UX, Accessibility? Design Patterns? let us know in the comments.