Kindleman have been working with Aged Care providers for nearly 10 years in which time we've learnt a lot.

To cut to the info, under the recent Living Longer Living Better reforms there are certain often legislated informational aspects that an Aged Care provider must provide on their website in relation to accommodation an services. In addition, there's desirable aspects that give the website user - often a spouse or child of the Aged Care customer - more power to choose the right provider.

Much of this pertains to accommodation information and in particular the pricing legislation for live-in Aged Care. This is NOT required for Independent Living accommodation - aka retirement village living.

Here's a list of requirement aspects that must appear on your website.

Accommodation pricing

If an Aged Care provider plans to charge money for a room (or part of a room), then this detail must be provided on the website:

  • info about the key accommodation features
  • the maximum accommodation payment amount (expressed as RAD and DAP - explanation below)
  • information explaining the options for payment - i.e. the RAD, DAP or combination payments are options
  • an example of a combination payment

Note: Kindleman have built a Combination payment calculator for some of our clients that can be valuable to help users understand what they'll be paying for any accommodation option.

Understanding pricing terms for Aged Care

There's lots to know here, but this is a basic understanding of pricing terminology for Aged Care providers.

RAD - refundable accommodation deposit amount.

A standard bond price for an accommodation set by the respective aged care facility. This is the whole price for the accommodation, if paid at once.

DAP - daily accommodation payment amount

The RAD can be paid in periodic instalments, and expressed as a daily amount. It is calculated by multiplying the determined RAD by the current government interest rate and divided by the number of days in a year.


A combination payment of part RAD, part DAP. 

You can read more about RAD & DAP on the Aged Care online website -

Key accommodation features

Telling the customer what they're going to be getting is important. Think real estate website - how much information on features is required. It's similar for Aged Care accommodation, mostly so people can make an informed decision based on comfort and care. The website needs to display:

  • the location of the service
  • description of the quality, condition, size and amenity of the accommodation
  • include information about the number of persons who may be provided with accommodation in the room e.g. single occupancy, 4 person share.
  • state whether the room has access to a shared bathroom or has a private ensuite
  • a description of the quality, condition, size and amenity of the common areas in the service that would be accessible to a person being provided with accommodation
  • a description of any specific accommodation or design features (private balcony)
  • a description of any additional features that the person can access (library)
  • information about any additional care or services that come at no extra cost as part of the accommodation (cleaning)
  • state any extra service fee associated with the room or the part of the room, and describe the services offered for that fee. (hairdresser)

This is the current list. We'll be updating this post periodically as the information changes.

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