Education Technology, or EdTech, is a rapidly growing field with a focus on improving education through technology. This can include the use of software, mobile devices, and the internet to deliver educational content, facilitate communication and collaboration, and provide data-driven insights to improve student outcomes.

EdTech companies and initiatives aim to enhance teaching and learning experiences and make education more accessible and affordable. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of EdTech solutions, as remote learning has become a necessity for many students. The EdTech industry continues to grow and evolve, with an increasing focus on personalised learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Kindleman have over a decade of experience working in EdTech with the NSW government, educational institutions, teachers, students and parents to create effective programs and tools. 

Our latest client, Edscreening, is part of this EdTech revolution. Edscreening is an online tool that allows parents and teachers to answer a series of questions about a child to build a learning profile and determine possible learning gifts or blockers.

A personalised report is generated that displays the child's learning profile and highlights areas for advancement, improvement or investigation.

The report also gives specific advice for parents and teachers about how to help the child learn, for example if a child struggles with maintaining focus, break tasks down into smaller chunks. If a child is gifted, provide more stimulation or more advanced options.

Edscreening is a powerful tool for parents to understand their child’s learning journey and allows teachers to provide guided support to students.

Are you wondering about your child's learning profile? Online screeners are available at


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This is only one of our EdTech projects, over the years we have created and maintained an online book store for bookshops and students, a course management tool for teachers and a 'linkedin' for kids, find out more about our EdTech credentials and projects.

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